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Our Company Perspective

From Our CEO

Over the past thirty years I've found that prudent investors exhibit a common trait. Patience and discipline. They have learned to ignore the market noise and fast winds. Along with learning discipline comes the habit of saving a percentage of your earnings.
A most convincing pattern on how not to use your income is our own federal government. We don't have an income problem....we have a spending problem. I tell acquaintances  to learn from the  mistakes that are in public view from our deficient ridden Treasury. 

We hold a certain percentage of our capital in precious metals.  These holdings owe no debt or are beholden to any government. We have used this strategy to our advantage for our twenty years.

We are greatly involved in energy  and natural resources. The world is our  "natural oyster" and we hold stocks and real estate units in these valuable assets. 

We do follow trends in the market ..but we don't "chase fast money". 

We pride ourselves in  a path of patience to build our financial corporation  cornerstone. 

Our Certified Business Partners  stock ownership plan  rewards our investors with their own server systems  business opportunity while enjoying the financial  health of  CHC.  It's been our founding philosophy for over forty years. 

In closing … Work hard.. be prudent … and enjoy the rewards of your labor. 

DR Hinson

Certified Investors

Our CHC Certified Investors are privy to many rewards such as vacations packages and travel discounts.  Also available is the Certified Investor Multiplier program where Investors earn commissions on territorial sales. 

Become Your Own Business Owner

We pride ourselves in bringning value and long term strategies to our investors. Our Certified Business Owners are also investors in CHC.  Our duplication commission initiative rewards from a global sales program.