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Our Company

Established Since 1972


Early investments were make by our founder Daniel R Hinson Sr through CHC in farm and coastal commercial land investments. This remained the core strategy for over thirty five years. 

The 21st Century


In 2005 BRASS Marketing /Management  owned by Mr & Mrs.  DR Hinson Jr. was merged with CHC. This brought new insight and opportunities in investment strategies.

Reits and MLP Strategies


Beginning in 2006 CHC began an investment strategy in global real estate. Through its revised Hillcrest program, CHC became a unit holder in various real estate ventures.  

Data Management Centers


In 2006 CHC saw advanced opportunities in data centers to establish colocations for cloud technologies. We continue this aggressive real estate strategy with Data Farm partnerships. Our core locations  are Scottsdale AZ  and Miami Fla. 

brasstarr systems


In 2006 CHC revamped it's server hosting into the brasstarr systems. It remains the cornerstone of wholesale and retail server services on a local, regional, national and global network . Our DataPro program is an industry leader in Managed Services. 

Streaming Media


Through our iCast Media Group.. CHC continues to expand it's holdings in specialty servers. From personal to business networks... our company continues to develop investment opportunities in the "new media" global network.

CEO/President/ Board Chairman

Daniel R Hinson Jr.

Daniel brings over forty years in retail management and logistics to the company. He is the developer of the BRASS Datagistics system. Daniel attended Florence /Darlington College  with a certificate diploma in logistics. 

Exec.Vice President/CFO

Penny S Hinson

Penny brings over forty years of financial experience to the company. She was in management with one of the largest credit unions in South Carolina. While attending Midlands Technical College she received a Certificate of Diploma in systems programming. She oversees corporate financial situations. 

Vice President/ Board Member

Laura S Haney

Laura brings to our corporation an operations platform with over fifteen years experience. She is involved in the overall company services and the future success of CHC. Laura is a USC graduate (Cum Laude) with a degree in Sociology. She is also an Executive Board member.

Vice President/ Board Member

K Zachary Haney

Zack brings Datagistics experience to our corporation. His corporate oversight in global sectors is vital to our services and investments as a capital investment group. Zack is a Citadel graduate and a holds a degree in Civil Engineering. Zack is also a Board Member.

Vice President/Datagistics

Richard J Angel

Richard brings over forty years in wholesale and retail logistics to our new datagistics program. His expertise in geographical colocation servers and capacity standards is vital to our DataPro Certified Reseller program. 

Executive Board Members

Daniel R Hinson Jr

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer 

Penny S Hinson

Vice Chairman/Executive Vice President/ CFO 

Laura S Haney

 Vice Chairman/ Vice President